KGS Leben Announced

KGS Leben is a prototype that will become a full-featured interface for the KGS Go Server. It is a web application and will simply run in a standards-compliant web browser, without the need to download or install any software or runtimes.

After one month of experimentation, exploration, trial, error, frustration, success, water, beer and tea, the software is capable of joining open game challenges, negotiating a game proposal with the challenger, playing moves on a Go board, spectating games being played by others, watching demonstration boards and chatting in rooms and channels. Furthermore, I have succeeded in the most difficult task demanded by all new software projects: I have chosen a name! The name comes from the German word for life „das Leben

None of the features exhibited in the preview video are really complete, yet, because I chose to spend the last month confronting risks that I identified when I began wrangling with the idea and tackling the most technically challenging facets of the project.

I hope to achieve rapid progress, now that the foundation has been cast.