KGS Leben: Player Panels

I have finished working on the player-panels for KGS Leben, tweaking the automatic layout algorithm, polishing the seven-segment LCD clock’s design and adding elements to display capture counts, komi and user information.

Here are a couple of screenshots that I captured while spectating live games in the E.G.R.

2016-05-15 Player Panels - Away Landscape Canadian

In landscape orientation, the player-panels are displayed on the left and right sides of the game board. When spectating, the away panel (pictured above) belongs to the stronger of the two players, or the white player in the case that the players are of equal rank. When you are a player in the game, this panel will always belong to your opponent. Esquire55 (2 dan), playing white, must play twenty-two moves before the end of his rather short Canadian overtime period. White has not captured any of their opponent’s stones and is only receiving a half-point komi.

2016-05-15 Player Panels - Home Portrait Main

In portrait orientation, the player-panels are displayed as horizontal strips along the top and bottom edges of the board. This is a screenshot from a different game, showing the home panel. TOKKURI (2 dan), black, has captured two stones and has not yet entered overtime.


2 thoughts on “KGS Leben: Player Panels

  1. At the moment, KGS Leben isn’t hosted anywhere apart from my test and dev. environments. It will be a while before you can play with it, yourself. I hope that it won’t take too long for that day to arrive and, in the meantime, I will continue to report my progress here so you can follow the project in its early days and give feedback on ideas before they become old, venerable and stubbornly difficult to change. Thanks for the positivity!


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